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Why Should we Hire you

Well, consider this as a second opportunity to sell yourself. Give your Best shot because this could be the last opportunity. Ideally to answer this question, You should have done a research about the company and the Job Description and prepared yourself to answer this question. Understand the needs of the company and tell them how you will be able to cater the needs. The following script can be used as a template & you can fit in your "Success stories" to justify why you are the Best Candidate. And answer the recruiter "WHY WE SHOULD HIRE YOU"

When asked this question, be Gentle and Answer that ” Firstly, I meet the Eligibility criteria required for this job & I’m qualified for this Job, Secondly, The Job description matches the desired profile that I was looking for & I am confident that I will be able to justify this Role”. Thirdly, I have committed Individual looking forward to starting my career in the good company like yours.” Finally, you may politely say that ” I don’t find any reason for me to get Rejected”. So…., I think I should be considered for this Job and given the offer.

This structured reply will certainly give the recruiter a very good impression about you. And when you know your answer was logical, then it boosts your confidence. Every Interview aspirant knows that this question is a very common question which is asked in almost all the Interviews but still majority of them fail to answer this. The primary reason is that they feel they can easily answer this question but sadly that's not true. We recommend you to give a detailed look into the Job description and accordingly be ready with the best possible answer. We have crores of Educated Professionals Unemployed, so you ma not get a second opportunity for the Interview. So better be prepared.

Go grab your Job. 


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