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Which is your Dream Company

Just Imagine a scenario when you go to see a Match and the Girl asks you ” What kind of Girl you Wanted” And Imagine you say you want a girl like Kareena or Katrina”. What could probably be the Girl’s Reaction? She might not like it and want you to leave the place immediately. So always remember to say “You are the One I wanted” (only if you like her).

Similar is the case with Recruitment when you are asked Which is your dream company, Remember that You may want to work in Google, Microsoft, Apple or Facebook but you shouldn't say it out. Instead you should say that  ”I want to work in a company which gives me a chance to exhibit my Skills and values my contributions. I want to work in a company which encourages me to speak up my mind and allow me to share my ideas. It should give me new Learning which will be helpful in my career and help me in contributing to the company's goal. A Company which gives Healthy work Environment and opportunity to grow”. And I think your company has it all and that is the reason I dream to work in your company.

Remember!! Your answer should have a logical connect. For example, You can't say you dream of working with a company which has International exposure / clients and then say you don't like working in night shifts. Because when you have overseas clients then you have have to work in any shift. Make sure your answers doesn't contradict each other.  

The candidates should always remember one thing. Not every Interview question is asked to see how you answer that question. Sometimes your attitude towards answering that question matters to the recruiter and not the actual answer. Many a times it so happens that your answer might not be correct but still the Recruiter selects you because you have the right attitude in you. 

So, Can you now answer yourself" Which is your dream company


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  1. Good Answer. I don’t want Kareena but im ok wid Katrina.

    I understood the meaning of this question rightly

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