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Now, before you begin to answer this question, Tell me something about Yourself, You must first understand why have the Interviewer asked this Question? Most of the time this question is asked in the Interview to break the Ice and make the candidate feel relaxed. Remember, This is an opportunity for you to speak the Most compelling information about you. So Be Confident & Be Loud. Now, Let’s see how to answer this question

Interviewer : Tell me Something about Yourself 

Start Introducing your self and begin by saying ” I am (XYZ) from (mention your Hometown). Followed by this, Mention your Highest qualification. Say ” I’m a Graduate or a Post Graduate in (Your Stream of Education) and also mention the CERTIFICATIONS you have done if any. Then talk about your Skills. Say ” I am Good at “(mention 2 – 3 skills). Then talk about your Hobbies/ Fav Pass-time. Say “I take Delight in” (Mention your Hobby/ Hobbies). If you have spoken for over 1.5 – 2 Minutes then you may stop here and if you feel like speaking more then Mention about your Family Background. In the end, you can say ” That’s about me in a nutshell (in Brief).

The reason why we should end it is because at times the Interview doesn’t get to know whether you have ended your Introduction or still in progress and sometimes the Interviewer might do it intentionally. So this ending statement makes it v.clear that you have ended it. Remember the order and not the exact words. The words will automatically flow if your order is right. But if you try to remember each word and speak then you may be in trouble if you miss out on something.

Name ->Location ->Highest Education Qualification ->Certifications if any ->Skills ->Hobbies ->Family Background (if reqd) -> Ending Statement

Hope this important question’s answer is clear and you shall be able to answer the question Tell me something about yourself with ease



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    1. Ideally you should spend about 2-4 minutes to answer this question. However, if you feel any more useful info is to be given about yourself or your family then you make take additional 1-2 minutes. Try ending this answer in such a way that you lead the recruiter into asking question from the area you want him to ask.

  1. Its sad but True that more than 80% students dont answer it the way it shud be answered. Preparation is the key to success.

    Job is not a sage of roses like college days.One needs to be serious and proactive.

    Appreciate the initiative of this website. Students can learn many things for free.

    Keep Posting.

    Dr. Padjama K

    1. This question is primarily about Introducing yourself. Use as much time as possible to talk about yourself, your strengths, your skills etc.,If you feel that your reply was too short then you may include your family else we recommend NO. Ideal time to answer this question is 2-4 minutes.

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