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Social Media Marketing

The term ” Social Media Marketing” refers to use of Social Media platforms to Market the products and services online. By the End of the year 2019, it is projected that there will be more than 250 million social network users across the country. In 2016, the total number of social network users were over 150 Million. The extremely popular social networks in our country are Facebook & YouTube then followed by WhatsApp (A social app). The biggest Social media platform Facebook is expected to reach over 300 Million users in India by the year 2021 – 22. The list of Top 5 Social Media Platforms include

Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing

It is observed that more and more number of people who start using the Internet are certainly active on Social Media. Also, the average time spent on Social Media platforms is relatively higher than time spent on websites or SERPs. It is surprising to see that happens on the various Social media platform in a fraction of a second. Let’s see them below

Videos Watched per Second : 72,624

Tumblr Posts per Second: 1341

Instagram Photos per Second : 848

Tweets per Second : 7926

Because of Social Media platforms, it has become easier for the Marketers to know the Behavior of a User including his Likes, Dislikes, Preferences & Demographics. And this helps the marketer to develop his Marketing strategy such that it is more appealing and reaching the Target/ Potential customer. Unlike in the case of Traditional Marketing where we need to adapt the funnel approach to reach the Target audience, Digital Marketing through Social Media platforms enables us to Target desired audience. The 5 Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing are :

  1. Better Targeting
  2. Results are Measurable
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Wider Reach
  5. ReMarketing

Thus, one may consider Social Media Marketing as one of the most important aspects in the present day. And the Experts believe that the Digital Revolution has just began and it is going to grow exponentially. In a country like India, the growth of social media users is almost equal to growth of Internet users.This makes the Social Media platforms a unique place to reach your Target Audience. And especially when it comes to Facebook, there is not too much of experiments required. The most time-consuming aspects (after the initial page set-up) is reading the Facebook rules and responding to fans on your page. Remember, as with any task in business,  It Takes a little bit of time to get your desired Return on Investment.

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