Selection Process in Corporate | Aptitude, GD & HR Interview

Selection Process in Corporate


The selection process in corporate broadly remains the same with few variations. The variations could primarily be either in the number of Rounds conducted by the companies or sometimes it could be the Eligibility criteria which companies set to recruit fresh Engineering Graduates. But ultimately the objective of all the companies remains the same “Hire the Best”. Let’s try to understand what stages of selection the companies usually have in their selection process. Majority of the companies have the following 3 Rounds

  1. Written Test (Aptitude Test)
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Final Interview



What do companies look at in the Aptitude Test? This test is usually conducted to assess the students on 3 things and they are Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability & Reasoning Skills. The nature of the questions also depends on the Job profile offered. If its’ a core job then companies may also include Technical questions from the Engineering subjects. Every company has its own Test pattern but broadly we see that the Majority of questions are from Quants, Verbal & Reasoning. Depending on the number of Vacancies, Profile offered, CTC offered, the difficulty levels are set accordingly.

Moreover, Aptitude round is not a selection round. It’s Elimination Round. Hence the cut-offs are given and only the student who clears the cut-off is allowed to proceed to the next round. It is usually seen that Around 30% – 40% of students are selected for Round – 2 from this Round.


For some of the companies, questions related to Coding or Programming are also being asked. These tests are well structured. The kind of questions that are asked or the topics that are tested depends entirely on the company conducting the test. Each company has its own pattern. Even though the test patterns might differ across the companies, there are certain topics from which the questions are asked very frequently.

Useful Topics to Prepare: Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Mensuration, Higher Maths, DI, Reasoning, Reading comprehension & Verbal Ability.



Group discussion refers to a Discussion among a group of people on a given topic. Generally, we see that a total of 6 – 14 members participate in a Group Discussion. The group discussion is regulated by a Moderator who gives the topic & decides on whom to select depending on various parameters in the Group Discussion. Duration of a typical Group Discussion is 8 – 25 minutes. Apart from communication Skills & Interpersonal Skills, A Group Discussion also tests the candidate’s ability in linking the facts. The key to doing well in the Group Discussion lies in keeping yourself updated with the latest happenings around you and the world. The candidates should try to make a good impression in front of the Moderator because this may help him in the Interview round if he is through with the Group Discussion.

Note: Occasionally, This round could be replaced with an Essay Writing Round. So one needs to be prepared and start to work on improving his/her Writing skills

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This is the final round of any Selection process. But, at times the candidates are put in for another interview round with either the Top Management or with the HR. Some companies combine the Technical & HR interview into a single interview and some companies conduct them separately. Usually, the Interview goes on for about 5 minutes to 25 minutes. The Interviewer may test the Candidate’s ability on his Subjects, his approach, Attitude, Presence of Mind & General Knowledge. A candidate should be ready with a Logical answer when asked specific questions related to Subjects, also if there are any deviations in studies like Backlogs, Poor Percentages, Change of field from any core branch to IT. Usually, the students fail to justify what is written on their resume.

Other factors that matter a lot in the Interview are Dressing, Body Language, Confidence, Ability to present his thoughts and Posture. It is advised that if you don’t know the answer to any particular question / Questions, It is wise to upfront accept that you don’t know the answer. Never try to fake the Interviewer. Prepare the Most commonly asked interview questions well.


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