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White hat SEO vs Black hat SEO


Everything in this world can be done in two ways Ethical way or unethical way. SEO is no exception to it. There are numerous ways in which one can do the search engine optimization of which many are ethical and many other are unethical. The search engines spend millions of dollars in research & development to keep a watch on the unethical practices in SEO and these search engines strictly discourage the unethical websites and users involved in promoting these unethical activities. Lets understand what is White hat SEO vs Black hat SEO

White Hat SEO

Doing the search Engine Optimization process in Ethical way & not getting into any short cuts to rank better. These are Ethical approved strategies to promote your Business online. White Hat SEO brings Long term brand benefits & Targeted traffic. In this growing Digital world, it has become a mandate for all the Marketers to make sure that they have a SEO project included in all their future Marketing Plans.

Black Hat SEO

Trying to Manipulate the Search Engines into giving you better ranking than u what your website deserves or Adapting all the unethical techniques that could get you better ranking in very quick time, These methods can put a dent on your website and brand in long term & possibly could also get the websites Banned forever !! No company/ Individuals should adopt these kind of techniques with a view of short term benefit alone.

Lets try to see the difference between a White hat SEO vs Black hat SEO with the help of the following table

White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Ethical Approved strategies to help Businesses

Unethical Methods that could get you banned

Page Titles are Short & Attractive  to attract attention of the user

Page Titles are Stuffed with Keywords making it tough for the user to read

Well Optimized giving a better User Experience

Badly Optimized & often build around wrong keywords making it tough for the user to interact

Key word Density is Normal making it easier for the visitor to read the content

Keyword Density is too High making the user irritated and exit the webpage

Get the Links from Relevant blogs or customers or Business Partners or Vendors and other related sites from Industry adding credibility to the website

Get the Links from irrelevant sources including  buying links, forum trolling, Being associated with SEO content farms, Spammy Blog comments etc., and lose the credibility of the website

It Brings Long term Brand benefits & Targeted traffic

It brings Temporary Traffic leading to permanent Ban


Remember !! There is no Quick fix or shortcut way of Ranking Better forever. But there is way. The fundamentals remains the same. Keep the web page clean with unique and rich content. This will make make it more index-able. The businesses are always run with the intention of making it long and big hence Black Hat SEO should not be the right option to use. Therefore all  those who wish to keep their web pages in top of Google search, should only use all the ethical techniques and get the most out of it.


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