On Page SEO - What are the most important factors to focus on?



As we all know that, an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to improve the credibility of any business website and it works wonder in improving its Brand Name & Brand Image. It is true that off-page SEO has a very crucial role in ranking of the website on search engine results page (SERP) but On Page SEO has its own relevance and importance. On Page SEO includes optimizing the Title, Content, Tags, choosing the right keyword, and many other factors to make up the structure of the website, which in turn makes the web pages identifiable and more easily found by Google and other search engines.

On Page SEO

Following are the 5 major factors to help you generate leads, Boost website traffic & Increase profits

Successful On-page SEO Starts with Titles and Headlines

For good titles or headlines, it is really important that they have a keyword included in it. It is the most crucial on-page ranking element. As ‘Page Title’ are the words that appear on the very top of the browser, always make sure that you use the keyword at the beginning of the page title for best results. It is also one of the most essential on-page SEO factor and tells the search engine exactly what your web page is about.

 Improve On-page SEO with Meta Descriptions or Meta-tag

Meta tag or Meta-description is mainly used to explain what the page is all about. It is basically a summary that helps Google and other search engines to describe your page in the search results. So choose meta-tags that perfectly describe your page and helps in boosting its search engine ranking. When it comes to meta-description, each page should have its own different Meta description. Also, write a Meta description for human readers not for search engines to gain the benefits.

Strengthen On-page SEO with Relevant keywords

Keywords play a very critical role in search engine optimization. Readers generally type keywords or keyword phrase in the search box. So always remember that usage and placement of keywords matter. Also, avoid overusing keywords as Google can flag you for keyword stuffing. Using right and relevant keywords help you write useful content, thus help your website to increase traffic.

Frequently post compelling content

You must have heard the phrase content is king, but do you know Google’s bots mostly search for quality content. Well, quality content is the content that best describes the audience’s needs, wants as well as desires. Google always supports new, original and updated content which attracts more visitors. Posting compelling content will result in higher rankings.

Keep an eye on keyword density

Yes, last but not the least; keep an eye on keyword density. Maintain the keyword density close to 1-3%. Use the keywords and keywords phrase naturally in the content. You can also use the keywords in the heading or subheadings to maintain the keyword density.

So follow all these vital techniques for an effective On-page SEO of your website. You will surely notice the tangible results.


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