Off Page SEO- What are the most important factors to focus on?

Off Page SEO


As we all know, an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to improve the credibility of any business website and works wonder in improving its brand name. It is true that on-page SEO has its own importance; but off-page SEO still accounts for the majority of SEO. Off page SEO is more about building an online reputation of your website off page. The most of the activities done in off page search engine optimization involves increasing the search engine ranking of the website by building up more links to the website.

Below we are listing the four major factors to help you improve the search engine ranking of your website:

Strengthen your Off Page SEO by quality link building

Link building is a crucial part of Off-page SEO. But what you must remember is to build the links of good quality only. Poor quality links will not help your website in any way. It is therefore advisable to carefully choose the links you build for your website. The links you pick should not be linked to any low quality site. Also, try to get the links from the trusted sources like newspapers, universities, and reliable directories like Yahoo and moz.

Age of the domain Matters

This might surprise you but age of the domain is vital part of off-page SEO. A domain which is registered for a longer time often considered containing reliable information by the search engines. Also, be patient if you want to implement the off-page SEO techniques well. Spend time in researching and creating quality content to improve the ranking of your website. Majority of people fails to succeed in off-page SEO due to their lack of patience.

Improve your Search engine ranking with Press Release

Press Release is the best way to come in the limelight. So every company should definitely consider submitting press release in order to boost the search engine ranking of their site. Not only this, it will also help them improve their credibility among clients. So go for press release as it will also result in better branding of your business.

 Blog Posting is Important

Blog posting is the best way to strengthen your online presence. It will not only help readers to get the relevant content, but to web spiders as well, which in turn will improve the ranking of your website. Another advantage of blogging or blog posting is that it drives more and more customers to your website. As Google loves unique content, posting unique and relevant information will surely help you achieve better search engine ranking.

Off Page SEO

Other than the above-listed factors, posting videos, forum posting, photo sharing and classified submission are some other off-page SEO techniques that you can use to boost the search engine ranking of your website. So follow all these vital techniques for an effective off-page SEO of your website and you will surely notice the tangible results.


A combination of On Page and Off Page SEO could do wonders for any website & Business. And if the website is not optimized, it is as good as not having a website. It is said that ‘The Best place to hide a Dead body is Google’s second place‘ and this phrase explains it all !!

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