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Assume you have an Amazing product to sell or a Quality service to offer or an Unique content on your website, All goes in Vain if you don’t have people visiting your website. More than 95% of the Google’s traffic is taken by those websites which are on the first page with Top 5 search results taking the majority share. It is not enough to have a wonderful website with unique features but it is also essential to make sure that people are able to see it and land on your webpages. There are many ways to improve your Google ranking & appear at the top of Google search results, among those the Most Important & cost effective one is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When people are searching for some keyword through Google that means they have a problem and need a solution to that problem. And all the websites which are related to that specific keywords might give them the solution but will it be your webpage that the user will land on ? The SEO might give us an opportunity to solve the user’s problem. Let’s understand what exactly SEO means !!



SEARCH : When people make a keyword search online using any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.,

ENGINE : Machine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) which has an Algorithm and this Algorithm has a defined pattern which keeps on changing

OPTIMIZATION : Process of aligning our content to fit in that pattern of search engine defined Algorithm is called Optimization


So to Summarize, SEO can defined as a process of aligning our Web page content with the search engine defined algorithms so that our webpage in shown at the top of search results whenever a user makes a respective keyword search.

Also, Optimization is an ongoing process and needs to be done regularly. It cannot be done once and forgotten. The search engine’s algorithms are changed regularly and the patterns are often updated. So It makes it mandatory to do your SEO regularly. The search engine optimization process is the best and cost effective tool to appear at the top of search results. Its a tool that will fetch v.good returns in a Long term.

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