Interview Questions and answers|Crack in your first Campus Interview

Interview Questions and answers

Happy that you are Graduating soon !! Well, along with this Happiness, comes the challenge of Campus Interviews or off-campus interviews. So, ARE YOU PREPARED to take the heat? There are Lakhs of Students in the country aspiring for Jobs making the competition immense and one cannot afford to underperform in the Interview. To help the aspiring students crack their Job Interviews, We have come up with Most frequently asked Interview Questions and answers to help you. So, Let’s Learn them and crack the Interviews with ease.

Interview Questions & Answers to help you crack your Interviews

Tell me About yourself

Now before we begin to answer any question, we must first understand why have the Interviewer asked this Question? Most of the time this question is asked in the Interview to break the Ice and make the candidate feel relaxed. Remember, This is an opportunity for you to speak the Most compelling information about you. So Be Confident & Be Loud. Now, Let’s see how to answer this question

Start Introducing your self and begin by saying ” I am (XYZ) from (mention your Hometown). Followed by this, Mention your Highest qualification. Say ” I’m a Graduate or a Post Graduate in (Your Stream of Education) and also mention the CERTIFICATIONS you have done if any. Then talk about your Skills. Say ” I am Good at “(mention 2 – 3 skills). Then talk about your Hobbies/ Fav Pass-time. Say “I take Delight in” (Mention your Hobby/ Hobbies). If you have spoken for over 1.5 – 2 Minutes then you may stop here and if you feel like speaking more then Mention about your Family Background. In the end, you can say ” That’s about me in a nutshell (in Brief).

The reason why we should end it is because at times the Interview doesn’t get to know whether you have ended your Introduction or still in progress and sometimes the Interviewer might do it intentionally. So this ending statement makes it v.clear that you have ended it.¬†Remember the order and not the exact words. The words will automatically flow if your order is right. But if you try to remember each word and speak then you may be in trouble if you miss out on something.

Name ->Location ->Highest Education Qualification ->Certifications if any ->Skills ->Hobbies ->Family Background (if reqd) -> Ending Statement

Hope this important question’s answer is clear and you shall be able to answer this question with ease.

Why Should we Hire you?

Well, consider this as a second opportunity to sell yourself. Give your Best shot because this could be the last opportunity. When asked this question, be Gentle and Answer that ” Firstly, I meet the Eligibility criteria required for this job & I’m qualified for this Job, Secondly, The Job description matches the desired profile that I was looking for & I am confident that I will be able to justify this Role”. Thirdly, I have committed Individual looking forward to starting my career in the good company like yours.” Finally, you may politely say that ” I don’t find any reason for me to get Rejected”. So…., I think I should be considered for this Job and given the offer


What if you get Rejected?

This could be a logical question to see how committed you are towards working in the Interviewer’s company. So answer this smartly where Interviewer should get an impression that you sincerely wanted his job but you won’t give up and keep trying. So the Answer could be “I will certainly feel bad if I am rejected. I have put a lot of effort to prepare & crack this Interview. But However, I would sit back and analyze where I went wrong and work on those areas and try again. Parallel to this, I will keep applying to similar companies like yours which offers me suitable profile and healthy working Environment.”

This clarifies the Interviewer that you are serious about his company & will feel bad if not selected but at the same time you also communicated that “If not you then someone Like you”. You may be picked up then.

Are you flexible to Re-locate?

Be very Honest in answering this. If you have a problem to Re-locate then communicate straight away. However politely say “I am comfortable to travel occasionally when required” This shows your positive intent towards the company. And we suggest all the freshers be flexible to Re-locate in initial years of your career because this will add a lot of value to your profile and you will have immense Learning.

Don’t ever answer this question thinking ” How much will I save if I stay away from home”? Always give importance to Job Profile, not Location.

Which is your Dream company to work?

Just Imagine a scenario when you go to see a Match and the Girl asks you ” What kind of Girl you Wanted” And Imagine you say Kareena, Katrina or Sunny”. What could be the Girl’s Reaction? So you must always say “You are the One I wanted” (only if you like her or if you like the Profile). Say that ” I want to work in a company which gives me a chance to exhibit my Skills and gives me new Learning which will be helpful in my career. A Company which gives Healthy work Environment and opportunity to grow”. And I think your company has it all. And I dream of working with your company.

What are your Strengths & Weakness?

Remember the fact that you are sitting with the Interviewer and not with your family Doctor that you would end up saying things which you should not be saying. Try to mention those Strengths which could add value to your application. Try to Inline the Strengths with the Job profile and Do NOT MENTION any weakness that could become a hindrance for the Recruiter in hiring you. If the Job is Important, any Individual can overcome any type of Weakness he/she has. So it makes sense not to disclose instead correct yourself.

These are few very frequently asked Interview Questions. If any Reader needs answers to any more questions, Write to us on & we shall be Happy to write back to you.

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