Why MBA? Is it worth studying MBA or not ? Career growth through MBA

Why MBA ?

Master of Business Administration (MBA), is one of the Most highly valued degrees in India and Overseas which is designed to develop the skills set required for those Individuals who seeks a career in Business and Management. The following are 7 Solid Reasons of WHY MBA?

Less Competition

When we talk of competition in Entrance Exams in India, We are talking about few Lakhs. But however competition in CAT is relatively lesser than other major entrance exams. For example, GATE Exam – 2018 had around 10 Lakh applications but whereas CAT had around 2.31 Lakh applicants only. Hence it becomes relatively easier for the students to crack CAT & secure admission in a good B-school. Unlike in GATE where you compete with 10 Lakhs students to get into IITs & other Top Colleges

Job Security

Usually, MBA graduates are relatively safer during the times’ companies decide to cut short its workforce. After a couple of years, The MBA grads are expected to be working at Senior Level & it’s not very common that we see Senior management is Fired so easily. This may not be the case in other professions

Career Growth

A Company ideally has a structure or hierarchy in the company. Assume if there are 10 Levels of Hierarchy in the Company, A graduate might have to start his career at Level – 1 but an MBA graduate will certainly start at Level – 4 or above and has a quick growth. Thus, one can expect his/her career to takeoff and go very High.

Myths about MBA

Multiple Opportunities

The curriculum followed in MBA / PGDM is designed in such a way that a student gets exposed to almost all subjects relating to Business thus giving an opportunity to for the student to explore his Interest or alternatively learn the trending Subjects / Topics. Most institutes offer Dual specialization which helps student specialize in two different areas which widen his scope of finding a job.  Also, the curriculum equips you with the knowledge to be an Entrepreneur and many young Individuals dream to be Entrepreneurs. Thus, an MBA might be right options for them.

Financial Freedom

Many students have made Headlines in the Newspaper which says “One Crore Package offered to IIM Grad”, Many Institutes have Average Salary Package of 20 Lakhs or more. The fact will be true forever. MBA is certainly an enabler to Better Salaries. And even if a student completes his MBA from a Normal B-school and joins at 3 or 4 Lakhs per Annum, His growth in terms of Hierarchy & Salary will be definite.

Greater Job Opportunities

The diversities of jobs, & the extent of responsibility compiled with the ownership that is given to an MBA Graduate is worth his/ her while. MBA gives you an option to choose from a bouquet of specializations which includes Finance, Strategy, Human Resource, IT, Marketing, Advertising, Consulting etc. The challenges and the rewards both are High & this is what every student should aspire for.

Social Status

MBA is considered to one of the most Respected profession and when you get to work at Senior Levels in the corporates where you have a Team of Hundred people reporting to you. This gives a sense of satisfaction & also earn you respect in the society.

All the above mentioned thus concludes that MBA can be a game changer in any student’s life. Therefore, one should aspire to join a Good B-school & lay a strong foundation for his/ her career.

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