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Why Higher Education

Till a Few years back, being an Engineer or a Graduate was considered to be one of the greatest things that an Individual could do but today India as a country produces around 2 Million Engineers every year. Hence being an Indian Engineer today is almost equivalent to passing XIIth standard unless you are from a reputed institution or good at core subjects.

With increasing number of Engineers’ year on year and the limited number of Job opportunities, Higher Education can be one of the worthy options one can consider. And if it is done from a reputed institute, then an Individual is sure of having a bright career. Many Students might also have this perception in their mind that a Master’s degree might not be a great option to consider and instead think that getting a job would be a better option. But, to clear this perception, we have come up with few very good reasons which have the answer to the question of why Higher Education? Here goes the list:

Subject Specialization

An Engineering student studies more than 40 – 45 subjects during his/her 4 years of engineering with each semester stuffed with around 5- 8 subjects to prepare and therefore it is relatively difficult for a student to be expert at any topic of his interest. Hence, a Post-graduation may give the candidate the required time and opportunity to learn & master the subject which interests him/her.

Better Jobs

Expertise in a particular subject added to an Engineering degree can attract better salary packages & also core  Jobs when compared to one owning just an engineering degree. Hence considering to work after completing your higher education might get you better jobs when compared to jobs that you would get by just being an Engineer. It is usually seen that a Graduate takes any job is given to him but a Post-Graduate only takes the Job which he likes to take up. Thus, Higher education is always a valuable addition to every Individual.

Second chance to Get into IITs/IIMs/ Other Top Institutes

Candidate can get a second chance to add the brand of Premium Institutes attached to their name which they, unfortunately, couldn’t get through after their Intermediate exam For example, If a student wanted to get into IIT – JEE after 10+2 but couldn’t make it, Now he can write CAT get a tag of IIM against his name or write GATE and get into IIT after Engineering. Thus giving him a Second and probably the last chance to get a premium brand name attached against to his/her name

Opens various new Career path

A Post Graduation opens up new career paths for an Individual like Teaching, core sectors, Research Jobs, Entrepreneurs. All these might not be possible for a graduate because of a shortage of Skills, Maturity and Competency mapping

Future Job Requirement

Even though if a candidate gets a good job after the engineering, he/she may require post-graduation degree to apply to various levels/ hierarchies in the company in which he is employed. Even a consistent top performer may not be able to move up the hierarchy due to not meeting the eligibility criteria required for the next level. Hence a post-graduation is always handy considering future prospects.

Difficult to Switch 

Having worked for a couple of years it might get difficult for a candidate to switch back to academics at a later stage. Along with the difficulty of managing the finances during post-graduation for discontinuing the job, he/she might even fight it difficult to get in touch with academics. Hence a Post-graduation in continuation to engineering may relatively be easier. Most people who start working immediately after Engineering opts for Distance Education for Post Graduation which might not be a very profitable option in the future.

Thus, we can conclude that Higher Education is a MUST for all those students who aspire to be a successful Professional and have a rapid career growth.

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