Myths about MBA Entrances| Can i Crack my MBA Entrance Exam or No ?

Myths about MBA

Top B-schools take only the Exceptional academic background students

It is perceived by most of the student community that a candidate with 85%+ marks in Engineering / Graduation will be selected not him because he has just 75%. But this is not True. Most of the B-schools given around 10% to 15% weight-age to the Academic background and not beyond that. Hence a student whose Academic Background is not great can score additional marks in Interview or CAT/MAT or any other set Parameters and get through even with Less Percentage of Marks in Graduation or Engineering. Thus, all MBA Aspirants need to clarify this Myth about MBA and plan well.

MBA is Expensive

Understand one thing, Quality comes at a Price. You may decide to do an MBA from the college which is very close to your house and nobody other than you know about it or You may choose to join a good B-school which certainly will charge you few Lakhs but will change your personality and make you a Professional. Understand one thing, MBA is an Investment not and not an Expense. Above all, we thankfully have many Banks offering pre-approved Loans to sponsor your education which can easily be paid after 2 years after you finish your MBA and get a Job.

Job first – A better option than MBA first ?

Should I work for 2-3 years and then go for an MBA or should I first complete my MBA then start working ? Well, the second option looks much better because of Following Reasons

  1. You get Higher Salary after completing MBA
  2. Not very High Weight-age given to work Exp when joining any Institute
  3. Post-MBA, You profile will be as per your specialization you opted
  4.  You don’t lose your touch with studies. If you start working you may never Study again
You need to be Super – Intelligent to clear MBA Entrances

Every student who is able to clear his Engineering or Graduation is Equally Competent to others & can score High percentile in CAT / MAT / SNAP? XAT or any other MBA Entrance exam. Most of the Entrance exams are about Logical Reasoning, Test of English, Mathematical abilities & General Knowledge and all these things have nothing to do with being highly intellectual. Even if you have scored 60% or 65% in Engineering, you can still be the CAT topper. So, get this thing out of your brain that  You need to be super – Intelligent to clear CAT or MAT

Hope this article helped the Readers in clearing their MYTHs about MBA. Everyone appearing for any MBA entrance should feel confident or be the topper and secure a seat in Top B-school in the country. Remember, “IMPOSSIBLE” itself says “I M POSSIBLE”.

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