Group Discussion -

Group Discussion

Group discussion refers to a Discussion among a group of people on a given topic. Generally, we see that a total of 6 – 14 members participate in a Group Discussion. The group discussion is regulated by a Moderator who gives the topic & decides on whom to select depending on various parameters in the Group Discussion. Most of the times, the duration of a Group Discussion is between 8 – 25 minutes. A Group Discussion is one of the stages of Campus Recruitment process. We often see that any companies visit any Institute for Recruitment has this round for selection. A Group Discussion tests the Student on many things.  The following list shows what the parameters Moderator looks at are :

  • Ability to work in a Team
  • Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Reasoning Abilities
  • Leadership Skills
  • Behavioral Skills
  • Creativity
  • Confidence

Group Discussion

Do’s & Don’t of a Group Discussion 


 Keep Eye contact with all group members:  Always look at all the members participating in the group discussion. Most of the times it is seen that the participants look only at 1 -2 Individuals and neglect the other group members. The participant might feel comfortable & confident talking to 1-2 members, but this will give you negative marks. So always ensure to maintain eye contact with all the members in Group Discussion.

Initiate the Discussion: “First Impression is the Best Impression”. Always make an attempt to be the one to start the discussion. By doing so, we can attract the impression of the Moderator. And also it adds to the confidence if you take the opportunity to break the Ice. But remember, Start the discussion only if you are clear on the topic. If the topic is not clear or you don’t have much of subject knowledge then better listen to others when they speak, understand the topic and then participate. And not everybody can be the first one to speak. So, If you are not able to start the discussion, don’t worry you don’t lose any marks for that.

Allow others to speak:

Hurray!! It is my favorite topic!!

Don’t get excited. Relax & sit back.

Always remember to make sure that all the participants in the group are given chance to speak. Even if you get a topic on which you have better knowledge, don’t keep on speaking again & again. If someone had not spoken at all and you initiate and make that person participate in the discussion, then you might earn some additional points for that. So make sure to allow everyone to speak.

Speak Clearly: Make sure that whatever amount of participation you make in the Group Discussion, It should be clear and easy for other group members to understand. Don’t try to use complex language. Try to be simple & clear. This is the Best way of participating in a Group Discussion.

Make sure to bring the discussion on track: Sometimes, the discussion might go off track and we might end up talking about a topic which has no connection with the Group Discussion’s topic. Hence, always make efforts to bring back the discussion on track if you feel that discussion deviates from the actual topic. This can also happen at the very beginning of the Group Discussion when the topic is not clear.

Speak Sensibly :

I spoke the Most, so I am surely selected!! This is a MYTH most of the people have in a Group Discussion. How much you spoke is definitely important but more than that what have you spoken is even more important. Even if you spoke more than 4-5 times in a Group Discussion, if your points were not sensible, you might not be selected. Hence make sure that one should focus more on quality of words spoken and not the quantity.

Listen carefully to others:

I told solid 4 Points!!  I am done & got nothing to do with the discussion.

Never have this attitude in a Group Discussion. One should give equal importance to words spoken by him as well as the words spoken by others in the group. If we don’t listen to what others speak, we might lose some important points which are essential in the discussion or might contradict with what you have said. So, always remember to listen carefully. You may also get an additional point to speak from the point spoken by another member in the Group Discussion.

Formal Dressing: Try to be dressed in Formals. Avoid wearing casuals all any kind of formal meetings. A person formally dressed always gives a good impression. Funky clothes, Shorts etc., might not be right options to consider for a formal event like Group Discussion or Personal Interview.

Be Precise: If you get a chance to participate, don’t think that this is the first and last opportunity you got to speak. Remember to be Precise. Never try to make Long & elaborated sentences. The moderator, as well as the other participants, may lose their concentration levels and even a valid point may get ignored.


Never get into Arguments. Remember it’s a Discussion, not a Debate

Don’t get emotional with any topic

Don’t talk about any statistics if you don’t know

Don’t point fingers at any other participants

Don’t use any Vulgar or unprofessional language

Remember these basics & we are sure you shall be able to perform well in the Group Discussion.