Govt Job vs Private Job -

Govt Job vs Private Job

All the Aspiring Engineers who wish to take up a Job immediately after the 4th Year of Engineering should consider reading Article twice. A campus placement (or Pvt. company Job) offer might look an impressive career option after the completion of B.Tech but this is true only till a candidate looks around at the other Job opportunities that he might have which are far better than campus placements. In this article, we have a comparison of Govt Job vs Private Job.

Let’s get started with an example. The average Salary offered in Campus Placements across the entire country is around 2.5 – 3.5 Lakhs per Annum. Now, if the selected candidate happens to be an exceptional performer and gets an average salary hike of around 15% Per Annum for next 5-6 years he is expected to be drawing a salary of around 6 Lakhs after successful completion of 5 years with a consistent compounded hike of 15% per year which might look very decent. Let’s understand with the help of the following Table


15% Hike for Next 6 Years














Govt Job vs Private Job

If a student is seriously interested in a job then he should consider trying for better core sector Jobs & Campus placement can never be the First choice for an aspiring candidate. He/she should try considering Government Jobs. There are huge numbers of opportunities in the Government sector that can be either through GATE entrance exam or also other Entrances. GATE score is accepted by more than 20 – 25 Public sector companies for recruitment of various posts. The List of PSUs includes Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, BHEL, Power Grid, GAIL, Concor, HEC, BARC, Bharat Electronics, NHPC, PDIL, NTPC and many more. Apart from these top companies names above, there are many other government companies who offer excellent job opportunities but not through GATE exam. For Example TSGENCO, TRANSCO, RRB, BSNL, SSC etc., these companies conduct a separate entrance each but the exam pattern which they follow is same as GATE exam pattern. Hence a student who prepares for GATE is automatically prepared for all the other PSUs not accepting GATE score but conducting their own entrance.

How is Government Job Better?

  • Core Sector Jobs: Most of the companies offering on-campus jobs don’t offer core sector profiles to the candidates. Many times the candidates are given the profiles of Backend support, Coding & other unrelated non-core profiles whereas all the Public sector companies offer excellent job profiles which are core sector profiles. Hence PSUs are always a good option.
  • Better Packages: If we compare the salary packages, PSUs offer almost 2-3 times more salaries than an average campus placement. A table is shown above showing salary hike of an engineer @ 15% compound every year. It is clearly seen that it took around 5-6 years for a candidate to reach a package of 6 Lakhs per Annum starting from around 3 Lakhs per Annum. If we consider the list of above-mentioned PSUs, we can easily expect the minimum package offered by a PSU to be around 6 Lakhs per Annum, Average being 9- 10 Lakhs & highest being more than 15 Lakhs. Same is the case with other PSUs not accepting GATE score but conducting their own entrance on GATE pattern even they offer handsome packages with many perks & allowances.
  • Job Security: A Government Job is considered to be more secure when compared to a Private Job. We often hear Private companies sacking bulk employees which are not very common in Public sector companies. Hence Government job is more reliable & secure than Private Job
  • Work-Life Balance: This point is self-explanatory. In a private company, we never know what time we are going to leave the office once we step in but it’s not the case in a government company.
  • Public Respect: Private jobs are also dignified & respected jobs but the kind of respect and importance are given to a government employee is different from other privately employed individuals.

Also, a point worth noting is that ‘If a student sets his/her goal as campus placement & unfortunately doesn’t get through then he/she are not left with other opportunities. They either have to take the sub-standard job or Higher education. But if a candidate raises his standards and sets a tougher goal of getting into a PSU, even if he fails to make it he still has a chance to get a campus placement because GATE preparation also prepares you for campus placement. A student can consider campus placement if the offered salary of more than 5 Lakhs per annum.

Considering the simple example of Govt Job vs Private Job, All Engineering students should reconsider if they have set their dream to be only a campus placement. If interested in the job then CAMPUS PLACEMENTS – Certainly should be a SECOND Option not the FIRST