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Google Analytics


Domain Purchased & Hosted !! Adwords Campaigns running in full swing,  Lot of Search Engine Optimization every day and lot of campaigns on Social Media run every day, Now what is the outcome of all these? Is it serving the purpose? Are people Visiting your website? Are they Happy? Now to be able to answer all these questions, one needs to have their web statistics in place. Google Analytics is a Beautifully designed and a powerful tool that helps the user to answer the following question related to his visitors


Google Analytics makes it possible for a website owner to understand his customers and their preferences. Having done all the required steps, it is essential to know which strategy is working well and what could be the best combination. Basically one can develop a holistic approach to benefit the most. Let’s try to answer each of the above-mentioned questions


Is the traffic on the website crawling through Organic search from various search engines or directly through website URL? Is it because of Search Engine Optimization or because of Google AdWords Campaign?  Are any other offline Marketing Campaigns conducted that gave more visitors? Basically one needs to understand How the Visitor landed on your website? It makes the life easier for the user to adopt future strategies on the basis of data obtained from Google Analytics. So, this feature adds a lot of value in increasing the visitor count.


Once the visitor has landed on your website what content is viewed by him/her? What are various interactions made by the visitor? What content is seen and the behavior of the visitor in terms of his search patterns. Did he click other links on the website or just took an Exit from the Landing page? How many interactions were made by him? All these questions can be answered by Google Analytics which helps the user to understand customer preferences and accordingly add the content to maximize the website’s productivity


Who is the Visitor & where does he belongs to? Is the visitor from same Country / State or from another country? Google Analytics helps us in knowing WHO the visitors are? This helps the website owner to optimize his content in a focused manner. The content can be tailored depending on the Geographical data of the visitors obtained from the Google Analytics.


When is it that your Visitors are viewing your website? Visitor counts can be seen for different time zones. This data can be obtained from Google Analytics. This will help the user to post the content accordingly. For Example, If the frequency of visitors is high on weekends then, All the new and Important content can be posted during weekends so that the posts get maximum reach. If any Surveys/ polls are to be conducted on the website then this statistics can be really v.handy.


Why did the visitor leave your website? Was he not Happy with the content? Or has he spent enough time on your webpage and got all the desired information? This Statistics can help you improve the quality of your content.


Thus one can conclude that Google Analytics is a very powerful tool and can really be very helpful in measuring the effectiveness of various promotions used for better page rank. It can help in understanding the impact of the website through Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Promotions, Traditional Marketing etc., and customize the website accordingly to give maximum satisfaction to the user.