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Google Adwords

What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is a powerful tool by Google which can take your business to new heights. In this global world, Google AdWords can help business go global. It’s a platform that bridges the gap between online prospect searching for any product or service & product sellers or Service providers. Google AdWords is a must use a tool in the rapid growing Digital World. Google AdWords suits all types of businesses like small, Medium or Large scale. The usage of this tool can be customized as per the need of the advertiser in terms of Age, Gender, Demographics, Timing, Geography, Budget etc., The best feature of this tool is, your advertisement is shown only to those people whom you want to show it and not to  those who are not your target audience or you wish to exempt them. This feature is not v.much applicable in traditional Marketing but can be implemented digitally.


You display a Hoarding advertising about Jeans for Girls at one of the major junctions in your city. Now, this is will be seen by all irrespective of whether they are your target audience or not and its charged according to Total Mass not as per Target Audience. But using Google AdWords, you have the flexibility of showing this ad only to female audience “who are searching for similar product” that too with a specified age range and geography.  

AdWords can be defined as an online platform (TOOL) by Google which can drive the people who are interested in the product or service offered by you to your website. There are Lakhs of people who search the Google using various keywords. An Advertiser can make use of the opportunity to create ads for your business and then choose to get these ads displayed when a user searches for a specific keyword which is mentioned in your Adgroup setting. The best part stills happen to be that the advertiser can pre-define the following

When to Display the Ad?

How much Cost is the advertiser willing to pay?

To whom should the ad be shown?

How much of Geography to be covered?

Who should be restricted from seeing the ad?

The Frequency of Ad to be displayed? and many more………….

Every time the user conducts a search through Keyword which matches your ad group, then Google displays your ad.  The advantage of using AdWords is that an advertiser can get his ad right at the top of Google page even though his website doesn’t appear on the top pages of Organic Google ranking. And not just on Google, An advertiser also has an option to display his ads on other related Google partner websites also.


If a Book Seller runs an AdWord campaign, he can also get his ads displayed on other related websites partnered with Google having the same content/ Product/ Service related to Books. This gives a chance to the bookseller to increase his reach & display his ads to more Prospective customers. This feature is not possible in traditional offline Marketing.

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