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Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a service by Google that bridges the gap between the online advertiser and the website/ Blog owners . Adsense is a unique platform to Make money online. All you need to do is get associated with Google to run its ads and get visitors to your website by putting unique & quality content on your website/blog. Now when the content is unique & Qualitative, More visitors can be expected to visit the website and when these visitors views the ads which are related to their interest, they might click the ad to see detailed information and in this process, the website owner makes decent amount of money. Using this service, the website owner displays Targeted Text ads, video or Image ads by various advertisers on their respective website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.


For Example :

Mr. John is a Businessman who owns a Publication house and print books for Engineers & Mr. Roy, an individual who is passionate about writing lot of valuable content for Engineers on his personal website / Blog. To boost the online sales of his publication, Mr. John associates with Google to run its advertisements through Adwords and other network partners of Google & on the other hand Mr. Roy is associated with Google to run Adsense program. Now the advertisement of Mr. John’s company gets displayed on Mr. Roy’s Blog / Website and for each click / View by the visitors of Mr. Roy’s website, He gets paid by Google. If Mr. John had paid to Google Rs. “X” to run Adwords campaign then Google pays “X - Y” amount to Mr. Roy for displaying the ad and generating a click or a view and that is how all the stakeholders are benefitted from the process. 

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