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It is said and believed that “First Impression is the Best Impression”. Interviews are no exception to this belief. The Dress for Job Interview which you wear is the first thing that the Recruiter sees and it’s natural that he forms an opinion about you. Irrespective of the company’s work environment, one should dress professionally. A formally dressed interview candidate is expected to make a better impression than a casually dressed interview candidate.  

Dress for Job Interview: Women

In General, Dressing for women is complicated task and Interview makes it even more complicated. Women should be careful in selecting the right accessories for Interviews. If you are carrying a purse, choose an appropriate one. Don’t carry a large purse or shabby looking one. Have a professional looking Interview bag which is enough to fit your resume. You should also have a right combination of Interview outfit. For Instance, when you choose to wear a skirt, then you should decide whether to wear pantyhose or are you fine with bare legs.

Women can consider the following list for a professional interview.

  • A professional looking Suit (Colors : black, dark grey or navy)
  • Suit skirt which is either just above or below the knees
  • Conservative shoes
  • Very light make-up
  • Limited perfume
  • Neatly manicured clean nails
  • Briefcase or portfolio
  • Coordinated (Matching) blouse in case of Saree
  • Pantyhose - Neutral colored
  • Jewelry – Don’t prefer cheap Jewelry
  • No dangling earrings or arms full of bracelets
  • A very professional hairstyle

Dress for Job Interview: Men

Interview Attire for Men is not as complicated as in case of Women. Men should always prefer to wear a suit. Make sure to alter the suit to fit you well if you have borrowed the suit for this Interview. And also ensure it doesn’t have Wrinkles and Stains on it. If you are not very comfortable with a Suit or a Blazer, then you may alternatively choose to wear professionally looking long sleeved shirt with a matching Tie. Ensure that your shirt or trousers fits you well and it shouldn’t look loose or tight.   

Men can consider the following list for a professional interview

  • Professional Suit (Color : black, navy, dark grey)
  • Long sleeved shirt matching with the suit
  • Professionally looking Tie
  • Wrist Watch (if comfortable wearing one)
  • A leather belt
  • Dark color socks and conservative leather shoes
  • Neat and  professionally looking hairstyle
  • Limited amount of aftershave
  • Trimmed nails
  • Briefcase or portfolio

A Job Interview can be a Life changing event for any candidate. So, don't take it lightly. Even If you are competent for a Job, You may still get rejected if you are not dressed professionally. Most recruiters are particular about how fit a candidate could be in the company's culture and dressing is one way of assessing it.


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