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Interview Questions

  Now, before you begin to answer this question, Tell me something about Yourself, You must first understand why have the Interviewer asked this Question? Most of the time this question is asked in the Interview to break the Ice and make the candidate feel relaxed. Remember, This is an opportunity for you to speak the Most compelling information about you. So Be Confident & Be Loud. Now, Let’s see how to answer this question Interviewer : Tell me Something about Yourself  Start Introducing your…

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What are your strengths

This looks to be a very simple question but this can be a game changer for you . You may be picked up easily if you answer this properly and you may get rejected if this question is not answered in the correct manner. Most people don’t answer this question properly because they don’t prepare for this question thinking that its very easy. Your greatest strength is the one which you need to do this job efficiently. Let’s see how to answer for the Interview…

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Why Should we Hire you

Well, consider this as a second opportunity to sell yourself. Give your Best shot because this could be the last opportunity. Ideally to answer this question, You should have done a research about the company and the Job Description and prepared yourself to answer this question. Understand the needs of the company and tell them how you will be able to cater the needs. The following script can be used as a template & you can fit in your “Success stories” to justify why you…

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Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now

Where do u see yourself in 3 years from now

Remember one thing! Three years is a good time to spend in any company but there can be many things which can have an influence on an Individual’s decision on whether to work or not in the same company. Even the Interviewer might not be sure about his existence in the company 3 or 5 years down the line. This question is primarily asked to understand how stable you are as a person. Everyone likes a stable person and nobody wants to pick up a…

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It is said and believed that “First Impression is the Best Impression”. Interviews are no exception to this belief. The Dress for Job Interview which you wear is the first thing that the Recruiter sees and it’s natural that he forms an opinion about you. Irrespective of the company’s work environment, one should dress professionally. A formally dressed interview candidate is expected to make a better impression than a casually dressed interview candidate.  Dress for Job Interview: WomenIn General, Dressing for women is complicated task…

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Which is your Dream Company

Just Imagine a scenario when you go to see a Match and the Girl asks you ” What kind of Girl you Wanted” And Imagine you say you want a girl like Kareena or Katrina”. What could probably be the Girl’s Reaction? She might not like it and want you to leave the place immediately. So always remember to say “You are the One I wanted” (only if you like her).Similar is the case with Recruitment when you are asked Which is your dream company, Remember…

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